Thursday, March 25, 2010

2010 "wishing-list"

Ok ok! Higor inspired me! I was reading his blog and I remembered how nice was to write here freely about things that I like, love, hate, or even things that I couldn't give a name to it.

And another thing his blog had done with me: I didn't do a "wishing list" for 2010! No kidding! Isn't it strange??? I am the listing-girl, everybody who knows me a bit would call me as a freeky-list-person! And amanzingly, this year I haven't done a single one YET!!!

But now, I will do it! Let's start!

In 2010:

I will or even better - I am going to lose all the kilos I've put on! It's unbelievable how huge I am and the full wardrobe I have with nice outfits that I cannot use ! But I won't be crazy about this! And I AM NOT GOING TO take drugs to help me! I will do that bravely just by myself, just by stop eating junk and crap food!

I will study! I have to do that for myself! I need to put my face inside the books and start doing something about my English! I can't stay exactly where I am, I need to improve, I need to feel more confidence about it, and the only way to achieve that: STUDYING! I know, I know, I know...

I will be a better girlfriend/fiancee/wife. Rafa deserves that and last year I was a terrible company. I don't know how he've managed to live with me, because God, 2009 was a disaster! But things have been different so far, and I hope I'll keep this way!

I will do volunteering work! It was always a necessity for me and I really need to do something about it! I have already started! This Easter we(Rafa and I) are going to an orfanage to give some Easter eggs and play with the kids. It will be only the beginning and I really want to continue doing it!

Work less. Last year I had worked for an entire life and I didn't get any rich so what is the point??? No no no! Less work, less stress, more studying, better life. That's the "mantra" for 2010

And finally I won't spend so much money! Better than this: I won't spend the money that I DON'T have!

Well.. That's it! My very first list in 2010! WOW!! Who would say anh??

I will post here if I am achieving everything I said!

Keep in touch! Cheers

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