Monday, September 03, 2007

I should've written before but I was very busy.. sorry!! Everything had changed since last post. I am having such a pleasant time here now.. well there are some gray clouds up to the sky but I am trying to not focus on them... I am trying, hardly, deeply and constantly to see the bright side of everything. And it's kind of working! It's amazing what you can do with your mind Small things, Like a nice hug in your dad, a truly smile to your step mother, a chance to that person who you thought wouldn't deserve one, a shot of caipirinha with your friends in a bar during the hot winter night, a laugh with your students during a monday class, a nice job done, some pounds lost, new clothes in your wardrobe, new hair-cut, new way of look and see the life. I am fine. Yes.. I am pretty fine actually. By the way: Thanks for asking!!!

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