Saturday, April 25, 2009

Maybe you can feel it as well... maybe not.

It's weird how words can complete go away from your mind. If you don't use, you don't remember. And that is it. I was trying to help a student and I completely forgot how to say "trufado " in English. ANd I got sooo upset. I used that freaky word hundred of times in Canada but now, just scape from my mind. And I got so frustrated; Suddenly I remembered great. It is fudge. Ok. But You know what that meant? Forgetting words, missing the fluence... not really undertanding all the words in the movies, not getting the whole idea from a song.... I am losing something that I was so proud of. I am not practicing, I am not using at all, so of course I can feel the damage already. And if I continue like this, I will be fat, unhappy and with no fluence anymore. I gotta do something from my life... oh Lord i gotta do! NOW!

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Lidi said...

Hey Alli.... I agree with your words... and "no words"... if u understand me! :D

But the big question is... what did u do in your life?
It isn't easy to change this situation about the English, your English, my English (not so good, but it was getting better).... hehe


I hope u are fine! :D

See u....