Thursday, December 07, 2006

Come here

Hei, come here. Give me your hand. Let me help you. Lay your head in my lap, let me give you some affection. Let me show the other way, the other point of view. Hei, come here. Let me help you with your dreams. I know how to do. Let me protect you from the lions, and the monsters, the nightmares and the bees. Let me just be, for you. Hei, just come here. Let me hold you tight. Let me change your smile. I can not help if you do not let me in. I can not be there for you, If you do not want to. Let me help. Let me speak out for you. About you, to you. Sometimes I can not talk, I can not find any solutions, I can not be perfect, But believe me , I can try. I have just learned that I need someone who let me help, who let me take care, who let me get in. I think I found it. I hope I do. Because I will never forget:

" Where there is a will there is a way"
Keep your feet warm Drink water Sleep well Sweet dreams

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